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Goodbye rwj network news, hello twitter

Check out my twitter for new updates!

I have a discord now

December 12, 2017


Click the picture for my discord called the rwj productions discord

My mashup "Slammin your jam" now available for download

November 21, 2017


Remember the space jam video i uploaded on my alt? By popular demand here is my epic space jam mashup available for download. You can download it by cliocking here or the image with charles barkley heads. Lyrics will be coming soon.. Please don't actually support charles barkley or space jam they both are sucks. The music video for this will be avilable in the video download page, thanks and have fun (lol gaben)

My first blog entry (testing)

November 21, 2017


Hi. this is a test



  • test

    test link

    it works perfectly

    End blog entru

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