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"Hello there, my name is Harry the Hamster. I'm about 8 centimeters tall, a little bit chubby, and a little bit hairy. And I'm looking for a female, so I could SHOVE MY FUCKING COCK, INTO HER MOUTH AND UP HER SHITTER, AND THEN RUB MY BALLS ALL OVER HER FUCKING EARS, WHILE POKING MY CLAWS UP HER ASSHOLE!"

Who is Harry The Hamster?


Harry is a little chubby and hairy hamster who is looking for a feeeemale... He is an international mobile video Legend and the loving pet of owners Steve & Lee. He lives in York, a city in england. He likes to swear, rap, count, and rattle his cage at night, We all love him.

"every holes a goal" -harry

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hampster usimng the mouse

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