I Hate Donkey Kong!!!


"Why yes it's truye, I am such a loser and gay, boo hoo!"

but Why?? His Games are Epic!

I dont care about his games but any time i turn on my tv in my room I see an episode of his shitty teleivison show playing!!! Wasnt it cancelled? then why still air it??? This show is a sag of shit!

this show sucks my ballz

When i was a loser back then i used to make mashups of the songs from the show itself and i thought the show was good.. It was until then i watched an episod of it after a long time and i hated it!!! I had to abandon them, and i made the youtube playlist for them private. Fuck you donkey kong, steve harvey is better than you!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

The death of DK

he actually deserves that game over fuck u dk

On june 14 2017 6 pm est, donkey kong is fall off a cliff and died because of people making fun of him. Haha what a loser

See a video i've made of it Here

I miss the old DK

i miss him

I miss the old DK, straight from the Go DK
Chop up the soul DK, set on his goals DK
I hate the new DK, the television DK
The always gay DK, spaz in the poopoo DK
I miss the oldschool DK, chop up the barrels DK
I gotta say, at that time I'd like to meet DK
See, I invented DK, it wasn't any DKs
And now I look and look around and there's so many DKs
I used to love DK, I used to love DK
I even had his show on dvd, I thought I was DK
What if DK made a song about DK
Called "I Miss The Old DK"? Man, that'd be so DK
That's all it was DK, we still hate DK
Fuck you dk i never liked you

Fun facts

  • Donkey kong is soooooooooo gay
  • Donkey kong is sucks
  • Donkey kong likes porn (yuck gross!)
  • Donkey kong hates steve harvey (that makes me hate him even more)
  • Donkey kong loves drake and josh (thats gay)
  • Donkey kong is a dr phil fan (dr phil is evil)
  • Donkey kong got pwned once. Donkey kong smells like gay according toray william johnson
  • Donkey kong unironically likes space jam (FUCKYOU!FUCKYOU!FUCKYOU!FUCKYOU!FUKCYOU!FUCKYOU!)
  • Donkey kong has never listened to the ppap song

  • Important survey: Do you hate donkey kong? (pleade answer)

  • Yes
  • No

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